How to Create a Bedroom Your Kids Will Love

You’ve already taken care of the critical home improvement projects and may have even installed All Weather Seal vinyl windows throughout your home. While you’re in a home renovation sprint, why not take this opportunity to give your children’s bedroom a refresher. This year, craft your children’s bedroom into one they’ll love for years to come. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you have some ideas but aren’t sure how to string them together, don’t stress — there are a multitude of options available. Whether you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, this list will give you some pointers on how to get started on designing your child’s new bedroom.

Beds & bedding

Depending on your child’s age, it might be time to consider getting a full-size bed in place of their twin bed. If you have the space, a full-size bed is optimal because it’ll give them a big enough bed to sleep in until they move out. In addition, full-size beds are great for accommodating overnight guests.

Bring your kid along when you’re choosing bedding and let them pick a color scheme that they enjoy. There are plenty of design ideas and bedding options online if you’re not sure where to start — this can also give help them with some ideas and inspiration. Extra sheets are a must if your child is still at the potty training stage. For an extra comfy bed, throw in some stuffed animals and sequin pillows.


Storage might sound like a boring part of decorating, but it doesn’t have to be. Since storage will be necessary for any toys and books, try having fun with it. Make sure you buy storage that your child can reach, and experiment with different color schemes. 

Wicker baskets are practical and will match any room color scheme, while shelves are favorable for smaller rooms. For something more colorful, try different colored storage baskets that match different parts of the room. Cubbies are also great, as they make separating toys and books easier and nicer to look at. Your child will have fun putting away the Jesus storybook bible along with their other books if you choose vibrant colors and interesting shapes for your storage solutions.


Neutrals and classical colors should be your go-to for painting the walls and for any major decor purchases. This will ensure that your child won’t get bored with the room in a year or two. For more colorful walls, try removable wallpaper so you won’t have to deal with repainting. These colors are safe and will grow with your child. For smaller pieces, like an area rug or wall art, you can be more experimental. Bring your child shopping for decor with you to make sure you’re buying pieces they like.

Try incorporating bright colors that your child likes across the room — for example, a book full of bright-colored books is an easy way to bring color to a room. Mixing patterns through different throw pillows or blankets will also make the room more eye-catching. Again, make sure your child is on board for all of these ideas. If they’re interested in space, geometric patterns will bring a cool look to a space-themed bed set. On the other hand, if they’re interested in everything frilly and pink, try a black or white pillow with pom-poms against a pink polka-dot pillow. If both of you are unsure about how to decorate, look through the internet to see how other parents styled their child’s room.

Redecorating your children’s room doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting. There is an infinite number of ideas to incorporate into your children’s bedroom update, so remember to consider what’s best for them. While you should tailor the room to their interests, make sure you don’t create a room they’ll grow out of in a year. Your child’s room can be elegant, eccentric, or playful — the choice is yours.