What You Need Before You Begin Making Your Movie

Making a movie starts with writing or acquiring a script. Film scripts include dialogue, set descriptions, and character actions for each scene.

Once you have a script, you’ll need funds. Making a long or short film can help you establish yourself as a screenwriter or director, leading to other opportunities in the film industry. Let’s look at the essential items you’ll need to make a movie once you have your script and financing in place.

Locations and Resources


You’ll need suitable film locations to provide the backdrop for your film. For example, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” was primarily filmed on location and in film studios in Australia. A film scout can identify potential filming locations and evaluate the pros and cons of each location. For example, some states offer film tax credits, making it more affordable to shoot within their borders.

Suppose you decide to film scenes on location in Ghana. You can import a vehicle from North America or search for cars for sale in Ghana. You can use online vehicle auction sites to locate vehicles you can consider. An auto auction site lets you search for vehicles based on vehicle cost, type, model, and year. Suppose you’re looking for an older Toyota SUV. You can use the search tools to locate suitable vehicles. Auto auction sites also supply critical information about importing vehicles to other countries, ensuring you can find the vehicles you need in Ghana or import suitable vehicles from other countries.

Once you locate suitable vehicles, you have the option of paying the asking price for the vehicle or waiting for the day of the auction. You can place bids during the auction and may be able to buy the vehicle for less than the asking price.

Equipment and Experts


Filmmakers need film equipment to shoot scenes effectively. Film equipment includes lights and stands. A grip truck rental company makes it easy to secure essential equipment. You can choose between different vehicle sizes based on your needs. For example, a 1/2-ton rental truck package comes with multiple items you’ll need, including stands, adapters, clamps, cables, ladders, flags, tarps, and a sound blanket. A three-ton rental truck package includes a higher volume of the items contained in the 1/2-ton truck. You can also add HMI or tungsten light packages to your rental, ensuring you have professional lights to use on the set. You may also invest in a truck generator rental, enabling you to power lights and other electrical equipment.

You’ll need experts to set up your sound and lighting equipment and film scenes. Camera operators shoot movie scenes, and their assistants help set up and pack camera equipment. A director of photography oversees the camera crews and ensures cameras are in the best locations for filming each scene.

Before you start filming, you’ll also need makeup artists, set designers, and costume designers. Makeup artists transform actors into their characters. Set designers design and create film sets. Costume designers create or locate suitable costumes for each character and each scene.


Actors are individuals who can portray roles convincingly, enabling audiences to see them as characters. Some actors attend theater schools to hone their craft. Typically, casting directors hold auditions and determine who to cast in the role. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many casting directors have opted to use self-tapes. The candidates’ agents submit their audition videos for consideration per the submission requirements.

Once the casting director selects the actors, they contact their agents and finalize contracts. The actors attend rehearsals and memorize their lines before filming scenes. Some actors take training to learn how to perform stunts or speak different languages.

There are many resources and professionals you’ll need to create a film. You may need to identify film locations and purchase items you need for your scenes. You’ll also need to hire professionals, such as camera operators, actors, and makeup artists.