How To Start an Automotive Business

Building a business in any industry takes a lot of hard work. This remains true for those looking to enter into the automotive industry, perhaps even more so. Starting an automotive business will require a background with hands-on training and a head made for numbers, motors, and people. But the automotive industry is a fast-paced and rewarding space for those who love interacting with customers and fixing cars.

Find a location that works for your needs.


The first place that many new business owners start is in the real estate hunt. Finding a space that works for your needs can be a complicated endeavor, so starting early is always advised. General industry work requires a shop floor that is open and versatile. Spaces with garage doors that give way to an open-air workplace can help with fumes or heat, and make moving vehicles in and out of the space quickly a simple task. Looking into Blowing Rock NC real estate, for example, with the help of a professional realtor is a great way to go about taking over the perfect Blowing Rock or Boone, NC property for your business’ complex needs.

Realtors are professional property sleuths. They will hunt for the exact specifications you are looking for and not rest until they come back with a few options that make sense for you. However, identifying the key requirements for your business will fall to you. Picking the right property means tapping into market research techniques in order to understand the local or statewide North Carolina automotive and diesel technology industry. Opening a workshop next door to a competitor can spell disaster for your long-term plans but so will establishing a space that operates on high fuel efficiency city cars in a remote area where most drivers prefer trucks or diesel technology to provide the torque required of country roads.

Understanding your marketplace is crucial to finding success, and this begins with an intelligent and research-based search for a property that will fuel your rise to success over the years to come.

Start with a foundation in auto mechanics.


Knowing your industry forms a key stepping stone to success. The highly technical nature of vehicle sales and maintenance means that a salesman without an intimate knowledge of the way cars function and how people interact with their personal vehicles is doomed to fail. This is why so many garages that succeed in bringing repeat customers back time and time again for their routine servicing needs or to buy a new car start with owners that have worked in a service center themselves.

An automotive and diesel technology program is a great launch point for someone looking to make entry into the automotive workspace. A certificate or degree in a professional mechanic course is perhaps the best way to get started. With a certificate in mechanic processes that go into personal or heavy vehicles, you can snag work in a local body or mechanic’s shop and begin to expand your understanding of the work involved in maintaining cars to a high standard. Included in this real-world training are the lessons in how to run a business of this sort that come on a daily basis.

Unlike other industries, automotive work requires a personal touch that can be hard to find. Clients come from all walks of life and typically need varying levels of explanation about the work you have or will perform on their personal automobile. Customers are often picky about timelines, parts, and cost, so dealing with their needs and expectations could form a degree program in and of itself.

Add in safety training for a well-rounded facility.


On any type of job site — including the automotive shop floor — safety and first aid training are a high priority. With any role that requires heavy machinery, power tools, and immense lifting or moving forces (like those required to manipulate thousand-pound vehicles) there are bound to be workplace accidents. Mitigating these risks with an OSHA certification program is a great way to ensure the safety of your staff and the cars they are working on during any given day.

Training in OSHA is the best way to improve the workplace morale of your place of business. With a certification program for you and your staff, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to workplace injuries, best practices for eliminating most sloppy mistakes, and security protocols for opening and closing the shop itself. OSHA is the golden name in workplace safety and should be a high priority on your to-do list as a new business owner.

Moving into the United States’ auto industry is a great way to make your passion your career. Building a business of your own is the best way forward in this market as well. Make sure you take the time to learn the ropes in order to enjoy all the fruits of your labor.