How to Make Your Pooch Insta-Famous

Social media has helped turn many pets into household names. A cat named Tardar Sauce went by Grumpy Cat online and became a household name with a bestselling book and hundreds of product endorsements. It’s been estimated Grumpy Cat was worth as much as $100 million at the time of his passing. If you have a cute pooch with a great personality, your pup may have what it takes to be the next social media star. With the right tools, you can launch your dog’s accounts and turn them into the next pet celebrity.

Getting Started


One of the most important things you need to launch your pup’s social media accounts is a username. Grumpy Cat had an online name that suited his personality and became an overnight sensation. Research social media sites to find names that aren’t in use that fit your dog’s personality so that you launch their career with a catchy username.

Once you have the right username you will want to register a domain name for your pup’s website and secure an email address featuring their username. In order to build their brand, it is important for all of their social media accounts and their website to feature their chosen username.

Getting Images


You will need a good camera to produce quality photographs. You may also want to take a photography course to learn about lighting and framing photographs effectively. You can produce some excellent images with solid photographic skills and a good camera.

A smart photo manager will provide photo storage for iPhones. You can link your photo manager directly to your smartphone so that it will automatically back up all of your images. This will prevent you from losing any shots. You won’t have to stop photographing to transfer your pictures when you run out of storage space, either.

What to Post


The best images that you post will be ones that reflect your dog’s personality. Grumpy Cat looked like a sourpuss and his owner embraced this instead of trying to make him look happy and fun. People responded because he was authentic. If you have a dog that’s goofy don’t be afraid to show that side of him to the world.

Your dog may have a story to tell. Perhaps he’s a rescue dog who found his furever home in a unique way. Rafael Mantesso is a Brazillian artist who rose to fame when his wife left him with nothing but an empty apartment and his dog, Jimmy Choo. Mantesso started creating art with Jimmy Choo and rose to fame with his humorous images. An origin story can help generate interest in your pup that will boost their follower count and catapult them to fame.

Product Engagement


Take pictures of your pup with quality products. Share images of them with their favorite toys or treats. This can be an effective way of promoting discussions with other dog owners. If you help them find an indestructible chew toy, they are more likely to tell other people about your pup’s account and start following you. Concentrate on products every dog owner must have, such as toys, leashes, and harnesses.

Your pup can attract attention modeling the world’s best dog harness with handle. These high-quality harnesses come in multiple colors, feature reflective strips that increase your dog’s visibility at night and are designed to keep your dog from pulling. Joyride Harness also donates to rescue dogs. When your pup models a Joyride Harness they are featuring the best dog harness on the market and supporting dogs in need.

Engaging on Social Media


When you are starting a social media account it is important that you post content consistently. People are more likely to follow accounts that post regularly. Creating an account that posts fresh content that is unique and interesting will help your pup develop a strong following quickly. Make sure that you concentrate on quality from the start. Presenting professional images will help your pup attract the attention of followers and marketing experts.

Your pup should also interact on social media. Responding to comments can be a great way to build loyalty with your followers. You can also present your dog’s personality with their remarks and help them establish their identity and brand.